Seven Piece Infinite Energy Tuning Fork Kit

Seven Piece Infinite Energy Tuning Fork Kit


The INFINITE ENERGY METHOD TUNING FORK KIT comes with a 174 hz, 528 hz, 54.81 weighted fork, 4096 hz angel tuner fork, puck activator, and pendulum, all packed in a lovely fabric carry bag.  


These forks will be used for balancing chakras, scanning the human biofield, clearing energies, repatterning incoherence, working directly on the body, and more!   


This kit has been designed for the INFINITE ENERGY METHOD Certification Program.  Click HERE to learn more.  


Orders will be available for pick up from Infinite Biofield Medicine, or we can ship directly to you for an additional fee.   Lead time right now is approximately 2-3 weeks.  


Contact Rea at with any questions, or for a shipping quote to your home.  

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