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Tuning Fork Essentials 

Designed to introduce you to the essentials of tuning forks for self care, as well as using them on others.  An overview of the human biofield will be discussed, how to correctly strike a tuning fork, using weighted forks on the body, and unweighted forks in the field, will be discussed.  

Date:  TBA

Energy Healing Essentials

This course includes exercises, and information from a range of modalities including Eden Energy Medicine, Barbara Brennan's teachings, Medical Qi Gong, and Biofield Tuning, to name a few.  Students will learn the importance of self care, and balance that is necessary before being

able to help others in their healing journeys. 

Date:  TBA

Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy is a new modality being developed by Rea Tarnava, with classes being offered soon.  Email, or check back for more information.


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