TENS & Intranasal 660nm Laser Light Therapy

TENS & Intranasal 660nm Laser Light Therapy


Tens Unit and Intranasal Laser Unit 



1. Adopts the semiconductor light with wavelength of 660nm and 8-12mw low visible laser intensity, to activate blood physiology for treatment of the nasal cavity.

2.  Intranasal laser diode aids in deep relaxation, and improvement of symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue.  

3. Eight stimulation modes for multipurpose massage experience including acupuncture, stroke, massage, cupping, manipulation, scraping, weight reduction, and immune regulation.  

4.  This unit may be used to relieve pain and fatigue, promote blood circulation, and improve muscle performance.  

5.  Unique "immune regulation" function enhances and coordinates the body's immunity (bacteria, viruses and other pathogens).

6. Large LCD color display enables clear and direct viewing effect for treatment guide both during the day or night, with easy-to-operate button controls allowing you to easily switch modes, and adjust intensity levels.

7.  Nasal diode is effective in correcting rhinitis in addition to the above uses.



Material: ABS

Color: White

Power Supply: DC 4.5V

Output Current: 0-15mAh

Massage Mode: 8 Modes(Acupuncture, Stroke, Massage, Cupping, Manipulation, Scraping, Weight Reducing, Immune Regulation)

Intensity Levels: 8 Levels

Frequency: 1000Hz, 3000Hz

Timer: 15 Minutes

Battery Type: Built-in 300mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Power Supply: USB Charging

Main Unit Size: appr. 134*64*20mm


Package Includes:

1* Digital Therapy Machine Device

10* Electrode Pads (5 Pairs)

2* Electrode Wires (Support 2 users or two separate programs simultaneously)

1* USB Cable

1* Intranasal Laser diode

1* Users Manual


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