Infinite Biogenics Retain & Restore Hair Growth System

Infinite Biogenics Retain & Restore Hair Growth System

Retain & Restore Hair Growth System by Infinite Biogenics is a unique hair support formulation containing two different products:  an ionic liquid and a nutritional supplement.  Hair Retain Ionic Liquid was designed to help stop hair from shedding (falling out).  The Hair Restore Dietary Supplement contains vitamins, minerals and herbs, formulated to restore health to the scalp and folicles, aid in growth of existing hair, and support new hair growth.  Preliminary testing shows as much as 70% of hair that has fallen out, may be regrown in 5 to 6 months time using this system*.  


Hair Retain & Restore is designed for those experiencing noticable, non-heriditary hair loss, perhaps due to pregnancy, menopause, illness or disease including but not limited to:  stress, adrenal fatigue, hypo-thyroidism, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, recent pregnancy, obesity, poor nutrition, and/or aging*.  Hair Retain and Restore may also benefit heriditary hair loss by providing micronutrients specific to support hair health and growth, although clinical tests have not yet been conducted.  


This product is only available online at Infinite Biofield Medicine & Holistic Health.  Comes with instructions and recommendations to achieve best results. 



*This product has not yet been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA.  

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